Dancing Bear 20

Mr. God
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Description: Birthday Party with Strippers - It's a beautiful thing to see women celebrate their birthdays with the Dancing Bear. It's Taylor's birthday and she's busy hogging up the whole gang. She sucks on every dick in the house, but we don't mind at all because we love to watch her and her friends act like sluts! I know you'll love this...ENJOY! Celebrate! - There comes a time in every woman's life when they just want to party! Guys don't be fooled into thinking we are the only ones that enjoy strippers, women do too! What a better way for the ladies to throw a party than to have the Dancing Bear there! After a couple of drinks the girls get loose and have a strong appetite for cock. They get freaky and even the good ones just can't resist the lure of swingin' dicks! Enjoy this shit!

Actors: Amateurs

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