Bang Europe 62

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Description: Bang takes you on a tour of Europe! In this all-original series, volume 62 delivers two new beauties and their every hole needing filled. Spice likes the music loud when she's getting her holes pumped with big prick. Roberta Sligen likes to lounge about before getting all three of her holes filled; but blonde little Nika prefers a more athletic approach to sex. Spice really likes the new tunes her dee-jay boyfriend has spun together. It's really getting her in the mood, and what better way to prove it is by putting out? Spice slobs his knob for a bit, before letting him have full range view of her naked. Once he's working her pussy, he wants to pull it together a little tighter, and goes for a dip in her ass. Filling it with cream, he puts that girl to bed! Roberta Sligen is spending a lazy day lounging around in her sweats, waiting to get her game on. Once her stud arrives, Roberta wraps her lips around his pole, lubing it up for the fuckfest to come! She takes a pounding in her pussy before he nails her in the rear from behind. But Roberta wrestles herself back on top to score with a mouthful of sperm! Nothing like the sweet taste of ass with your victory. Nika had a friendly bet going with her friend, who waited until after the game to get it on with her hot blonde body! Feeling up her firm titties gets them both going, and soon Nika is on her knees sucking his long cock. She takes that cock as deep into her pussy- and even deeper in her ass- before he pulls out to blow his load all over her face and tits. The only thing sore about losing is her anus!

Actors: Nika, Roberta Sligen, Spice

Studio: Bang Europe

Release date: 29 октября 2017

Categories: Russian Porno, Teenagers 18 +, Anal Sex