Assylum: Fuck Free Or Die

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Description: Violet is a proud New Hampshire girl--that state with the Live Free or Die license plates. She's also a submissive little slut who likes being bossed around in the bedroom. So Dr. Mercies thought he'd give her a chance to help him live free for a while--or fuck free or something like that. He used her body freely for his own pleasure, making her clean herself off with her wiper system everytime she got messy. The visiting Dr. Shadrack did most of the tying and also helped treat this patient with his cock. A great anal therapy session if you want to see a cute, real girl from next door getting thoroughly used and degraded.

Actors: Violet Sky

Studio: Assylum

Release date: 21 июля 2017

Categories: BDSM, Teenagers 18 +, Fetishists, Orgies, Anal Sex