Anal Offence 4

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Description: Scream and shout and let it all out! Awesome ass 2 mouth action awaits you in Anal Offence 4, a captivating film that will have you reaching for it every day! Their metallic shirts and tight fitting skirts only stay on for so long, because these deviant ladies have a hidden secret that's super offensive! No one else at the church can now, or the parish may shun these anal loving sluts forever. See how it all works out in Anal Offence 4, where Anna Polina gets down to business with her anus. Anissa Kate is a producer who knows she can make a star out of Kiki Minaj, a budding songwriter who's just starting to find herself in the busy L.A. scene. A deep connection has grown between these two beauties, and she feels comfortable bearing all to her new mentor down in the music room at the studio where they meet every day. Nikky Thorne and Tiffany Doll are obedient church ladies who make sure to show up every Sunday, but lately, they're parish leader has been expecting a bit more from them, and those cunts are just not enough. Daddy Duncan wants to slide his raw cock into their butt holes and feed a load of semen to them after, and they bow down in an instant, as being subservient to their Daddy in God means everything. Anna Polina developed a close relationship to Rinaldo, since they started a life together here in the states, but she's committed a sin that's left her only addicted for more, and that's anal action. She can't wait until her man s home from work, because then, the penetration can finally begin, and her hungry hole no longer has to be an empty cavity waiting to be stuffed.

Actors: Anissa Kate, Anna Polina, Chessie Kay, Kiki Minaj, Krystal Niles, Nikky Thorne, Tiffany Doll

Studio: Sindrive

Release date: 16 марта 2017

Categories: Orgies, Fetishists, Big Boobs, Anal Sex