Teens In Love 6

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Description: Kimberly is joined by her boyfriend Nikolas for a moment of intimate tenderness. Couple Serena and Drogo decide to try something new to spice up their life: a sexy submission game. Katherine's boyfriend Jamie decides to give her a leg massage, but it doesn't take long before he decides to explore upwards. Today is Avery's boyfriend's birthday. For the occasion, she dressed sexy and is waiting for him to come over and get his surprise gift. Tired of playing games alone on his phone, Nikolas decides to interrupt his girlfriend Zarina's yoga session so she can give him some love and affection.

Actors: Avery, Diana Dali, Jamie, Katherine, Kimberly, Nik Rock, Nikolas, Serena, Vincent Vega, Zarina

Studio: Roll Over Films

Release date: 18 February 2020

Categories: Teenagers 18+, Russian Porno