BBW Butt Crushers

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Description: Big girls have some crazy pussy we all know that but when it comes to big butts they are the best for example America has a perfect 50 inch monster butt she shakes it, oils it down then she crushes him with all that ass then lets her asshole get opened up by a 10 inch dick big girls are always more giving and sweeter. Peaches is a cute young thang from Miami her ass is at least 51 inches she shows Ramon why big girls are better in bed first she teases him by showing off all her junk then she makes him fuck her ass so deep she won't be able to forget it for a month! Plus more BBW Butt Crushers!

Actors: America, Charlie Mac, Cherri Lust, King Gutta, Mark Anthony, Mz Booty, Peaches, Ramon Monstercock, Tha Gud Jugg

Studio: Evasive Angles

Release date: 26 January 2015

Categories: BBW, Ebony, Mature Womans, Big Tits, Big Ass