10 Man Cum Slam 17

Mr. God
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Description: Are you proud now? Christie Lee is one of those girls who`s in porn to get back at her parents. Take it as a cautionary take. Don`t be too much a disciplinarian with your daughter, or you`ll regret it when she turns 18. Imagine a coworker pulling this DVD and saying, Dude, isn`t this your daughter swallowing 10 loads of sperm... including black guys? Of course it will circulate around the office. Everyone will want to see what your hot little girl looks like whoring out her mouth and body. If you`re the boss, it will be even worse! Of course, if you`re too laxin raising your daughter, she will end up draining 10 cocks on camera anyway. Our advice? Only have sons.

Actors: Andrew Andretti, Brad Baldwin, Chris Mountain, Christie Lee, Dick Nasty, Faceblaster, Jason Cox, Jeannie Marie, Jenner, Joe Blow, Johnny Fender, Kris Roc, Lee Bang, Mark Archer, Prodigy X, Rocker Lee, Ronnie Flipp, Ryan Knox, Sasha Knox, Seth Dickens, Steve James, Tony Swan

Director: Andre Madness

Studio: Kick Ass

Release date: 11 July 2006

Categories: Blowjob, Orgies