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Stretched Out Snatch 5

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Description: We don't call it S.O.S. for nothing! Check out the latest edition to this smashing hot series as Shane "The Cock Train" Diesel comes back around with his massive chubber hound. Check out Amber Rayne and Lexi Leigh get their fish tacos pried open and stuffed to the brim. Then watch Candace Cox get in a heap of trouble as The Diesel goes balls deep. And just when you thought you had enough, Tiffany Rose and Kaylee Sanchez get screwed so hard, their pussies start to whistle when they walk. So don't miss the action, because there's nothing better than a dripping wet stretched out snatch!
Porn Actors: Amber Rayne, Candice Cox, D-Snoop, Kaylee Sanchez, Lexi Leigh, Shane Diesel, Tiffany Rose
Director: Brother Love
Studio: Digital Sin
Release: 28.09.2006
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  • Comments num: 2
Anthraxpudding (Oct 3, 2017, 6:49:12 PM)

It certainly lives up to its title. One could almost feel sorry for these little ladies, as Shane "The Cock Train" Diesel has his way with them. Then you realize that this is one awesome sexual stomp that is fucking fun to watch.
Seeing the girls pussy go from this ( ) to this ( ), like I said on could almost feel sorry for them....

rat1234 (Sep 11, 2017, 5:28:11 PM)

very good