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Skinny Dipping Swingers

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Description: It's always been a fantasy for these couples do lose their guard and turn into totally shameless swingers. Cheating isn't what they consider it, as both parties are present, and these sexual escapades only bring them close together. See what the couples do as their lustful hearts run free in Skinny Dipping Swingers, leaving the dicks covered in the pussy juices of many different women.

Its always been a fantasy of Gerald's to have his cock in and out of as many random chicks as possible, all while his wife is in the same room witnessing it all go down, and he doesn't care if the girls' men are there with them, so while he's having his way with all the pussies, the boyfriends are cruising the empty holes as well.

Trinity and her friend Margaret have always wanted to see each others' husbands naked, so a swinger event was the perfect idea. Margaret thanked Trinity for inviting her and Mark over for a fun dip in their hot tub, and things quickly became sexual, leaving both men satisfied as the juices of both women dripped off their cocks.
Porn Actors: Melanie, Nico, Matt, Giggy, Nikky, Lauro, Colette, Ricardo
Studio: Eromaxx Films
Release: 01.02.2017