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Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2

  • Watch porn online Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2
  • Watch porn online Porn film online | Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2
Description: A legendary, big-dicked sex pervert and groundbreaking porn director, Rocco Siffredi is crazy about gaping female assholes. "Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2" contains three epic scenes starring adventurous Euro-cuties with sphincters flexible enough to open like massive portholes! First, lovely brown-haired model Megan kneels to suck Rocco's enormous pole while rectal acrobat Isabella Clark uses a gigantic rubber cone to train her amazing bunghole. Rocco and Megan ream Isabella's ass with a string of huge anal beads, then fill her cavernous colon with several dildos at once! Upon spurting a hot load into Megan's mouth, Rocco has the ladies kiss. Next, adorable, young Sasha Rose intervenes in an argument between Rocco and his friend Mike Chapman. They agree to double-penetrate Sasha, simultaneously stuffingher rectum and cunt with thick prick. The hardworking babe even goesdouble anal, with both cocks stretching her asshole at once! For the climax, Sasha dons oversized reading glasses and takes two messy cum facials. Lastly, eager-to-please Eliza is a sweet student posing for Rocco in his apartment. She gags as he harshly fucks her face, coating it with slobber, then bends over to be rudely sodomized. Eliza's anus dilates in time for the arrival of her classmate, Helen. Following an intense session of nasty anal expansion, ass-to-mouth perversion and lewd girl-girl rimjobs, Rocco sprays semen all over Eliza's bare foot... and makes Helen suck her toes clean. No ass gapes too extremely for the Italian madman!
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Wonton (Oct 12, 2017, 3:48:33 AM)


_Pol (Aug 24, 2017, 12:21:05 PM)

Превосходная режиссерская работа. Я смотрю и наслаждаюсь.
Excellent director's work. I watch and enjoy.

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Anthraxpudding (Sep 13, 2017, 10:31:37 AM)

Rокко - мой любимый режиссер

Anthraxpudding (Jun 27, 2017, 8:58:35 PM)

The legendary director Rocco Siffredi gives us another stellar collection in ROCCO'S X-TREME GAPES 2. First off he provides only the most beautiful actresses who perform with so much sexual energy that it can be felt radiating from the screen. Rocco starts off by introducing us to the sexual driven hellcat Sasha Rose (Sasha Rose is beyond sexy. Believe it for yourself by watching the scenes Part 1
2:00- 3:00 & 35:55 - 37:41) . This hellcat of an actress throws herself into the performance, helping Rocco to destroy the actress/performer Isabella Clark's asshole. Rocco seeming content to just shove dildos down her shapely ass, but Sasha Rose is not. She shoves more and more dildos down Isabella Clark's stretching asshole, counting up to 5 at once. She then furiously moves them about with such gusto that one should be afraid that Isebella Clark would never be able sit down on her sexy ass again. When Rocco grow's bored in the destruction of Isabella Clark's ass, he turns all his attention on Sasha Rose's asshole. Beautifully stretching it out with his dick. The whole scene we are treated to here is a masterpiece in the performing pornographic arts. All three scenes give us a beautifully performed ass stretching fantasy that will have you wanting more, and we are given just that. Rocco will be joined by a actor friend to help him completely destroy a petite little 90+ pound doll faced blonde actress/performer named Sasha. This little actress takes her tiny fist, a big shiny dildo, giant pink anal beads, & their massive dicks strait up her little pink asshole. We even get a double anal performance from Sasha's petite little ass. This is such a beautifully filmed art scene of ass destruction, all focused on the gorgeous little doll faced Sasha. The third scene delivers to us such a beautifully young looking actress/performer, that she can called nothing more than a gorgeous little girl named Eliza. Every part of Eliza screams gorgeous little girl. Everything from her sweet little face, perky young titties, skinny little ass, and her petite little pussy screams out how young she looks. Rocco wast no time in starting his fucking of the gorgeous little girl Eliza. Giving us a POV treat as he sexually ravages her. This little girl of an actress Eliza gives us eyefuls of slobber from her throat as Rocco proceeds to stretch it out first with his fingers then his massive dick. It is a joy to see her young sweet girlish face covered with her own throat slobber (Part 3: 9:30- 10:50). The visual treats do not stop there, as Rocco then starts to stretch out Eliza's skinny little ass. Rocco produces such a lovely gape from her young little asshole (Part 3: 18:45). The whole scene just drips from sexual pornographic art, and it is beautiful. The scene turns the heat up as a second actress named Helen joins the art shoot. The actress Helen is not as young looking as the girlish looking Eliza, but Helen still radiates from a sexual beauty that young girls can provide. Rocco makes sure to give both of these little girls a gapping asshole. All while having them do everything that could only be fantasized about. (how hot is this scene Part 3: 107:32 - 110:30) ROCCO'S X-TREME GAPES 2 is hands down a must watch. Rocco captures such sexual artistic beauty from each of his actresses in every scene, making it a joy to see. He has truly captured an artistic level in making his of pornographic art, making it beautiful.

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Wonton (Oct 12, 2017, 3:55:11 AM)

OMG! You are so right about part 3 she is so cute. Rocco's dick is bigger than her HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marik (Sep 1, 2015, 3:21:08 PM)

"gapeass" без границ - невероятное видео от Рокко и его друзей

Replies (1)
Anthraxpudding (Aug 23, 2017, 7:19:13 PM)

I will back you on that! Fantastic!