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Max Faktor 3

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Description: Max is in Canada, where he meets 18 year old Mia Sweet at an internet show. She's a super-hot cunt with an itch in her fine ass that craves action. So Max takes her out to a villa by an inlet and mercilessly reams every hole in her body! Drew Allen is a favorite who hails from Louisiana. Max outs her into another bun-busting, throat-reaming scene that leaves her soaked! Wait until her boyfriend sees these fithy shots! Max finds Dreamy Mist at the beach. Soon he is reaming out her throat and her ass while she sucks on her toes! She gets the fame, but you get the hardcore action!
Porn Actors: Max Hardcore, Drew Allen, Mia Sweet, Dreamy Mist
Director: Max Hardcore
Studio: Max Hardcore
Release: 06.07.2002
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Anthraxpudding (Jun 21, 2017, 8:48:35 PM)

What can be said about Max Hardcore that has not been said before. The level of hardcore that he brings to the screen is unreal. The way he fucks these beautiful girls is almost a poetry in itself and when he has had his fill it feels like he would just flush them down the toilet like a used condom.
Just watch Part 3 with Mia Sweet to see what I mean. Pissing, fisting, brutal throat fucking, ass plunging, choking, more pissing, and she does it all with a smile on her face. GOD DAMN! WHAT A SCENE!
This is some hardcore porn. If you like it check out more of Max Hardcore's videos.