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Kemaco 33

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Description: Bang! Kemaco Volume 33 treats you to all the historical fantasy you love, with a fantastic twist at the end! Helplessly horny schoolgirl gets a double helping of cum after filling her mind with all the Medieval erotica she can lay her hands on. This is more hot action than the Crusades!

Mona Lee is being dragged into the woods so these Knights can inspect her further, making sure she's not a witch - because her beauty dazzles most men into a stupor. Finding shelter for the night, all naked Mona Lee starts to lick their shafts, pumping their erections until they're helplessly lured by her sexual charms into pumping her pussy and ass full of their peckers.

Caylian Curtis and Divinity Love are milk maids who've gone out to the pasture for the afternoon. They've both hit the tender age where maidens first start to think about courtships and cocks, so as they share their dreamy fantasies, the girls find themselves kissing, stroking one another's big breasts and long legs, until they can't help but begin to explore their watering virgin pussies with their hungry tongues.

Two Knights have found Nikki Sun wandering around in the woods, naked and alone, and they intend to arrest her for witchcraft. As her breasts jiggle while she protests her arrest, the guards become hard beneath their tunics! She offers that if they let her go, she'll make it worth their while! Sucking each of their cocks, and bending over to allow for them to team up and double penetrate her, Nikki gets all the cum she was craving all at once!

All of the previous scenes from erotic tales that she's just read have got Roxanne feeling randy! While she's out in the garage, looking for a tool to use to stuff her aching, dripping wet pussy, the mechanic walks in. Finding her helplessly aroused, he offers her his own thick dick, which Roxanne leaps at the chance to suck and fuck until her schoolgirl stockings roll down to her ankles!
Porn Actors: Roxanne, Philippe Soine, Tony James, Nikki Sun, Bob Terminator, Kevin Long, Caylian Curtis, Divinity Love, Mona Lee, Reda Semlahem, Alain Deloin
Studio: Bang Kemaco
Release: 02.12.2017