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Kemaco 17

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Description: If your dream vacation doesn't include all the hot, hardcore sex imaginable, you're watching the wrong porn! brings you the best fucking under the sun in Kemaco 17. Starring four lusty sluts who can't get enough cock, in the most stunning scenery this side of West Hollywood, you'll be creaming for your turn!

Tarra White and Aneta Keys take a leisurely stroll along the beach. Finding a rocky outcrop, where the waves pound along the shoreline gets these girls thinking of their own pounding pussies! They're too hot for each other to wait until they get back to the hotel room- they need each other now! With a raw desperation driven by desire, Tarra and Aneta take turns tickling their clits with velvety tongues and fingers- touching, tasting, as each climax pulses through their sexy bodies!

Tarra White is still laying on the beach, naked after her lesbian lovemaking with Aneta keys- who's gone back to the cabana fro some refreshments- when two hot guys come strolling along. Her pussy is still tingling from the tongue lashing Aneta gave her, and welcomes the guys' sexual advances. Tarra takes them both into her mouth before begging to be cuffed between their cocks. A brilliant double penetration gives Tarra the ultimate in pleasure before being showered in cum!

Jade Sin had been asking around about where the locals go to have some outdoor fun. Two hot guys at the cabana offer to take her to a secluded grotto where her sexual fantasy of having two cocks fill her at the same time can come true! Jade gets her pussy licked and sticked before finding herself filled on both ends with thick dicks. They're only happy to accommodate her request for a double penetration, and she shows her gratefulness by swallowing their loads.

Eva Zidlicka is not only a lustful blonde, she's limber as fuck! While she's stretching, poolside, Eva attracts the eye of a muscular man who just has to have his feel! Eating her out before pushing deep into her tight teen pussy, he's amazed at the positions in which Eva can take a pounding. Spread wide open, letting him fill her every hole with his huge cock makes this guy cum!
Porn Actors: Aneta Keys, Jade Sin, Tarra White, Eva Zidlicka
Studio: Bang Kemaco
Release: 26.11.2017