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DMCA site is generally accessible to all Internet users. The administration of the resource does not search for documents that would prove that the copyright on material posted is owned by someone. However, the Resource Administration sharply negative attitudes toward copyright infringement on its territory. So if You are the copyright of exclusive property rights, including:
  • Exclusive right to reproduce;
  • Exclusive right of distribution;
  • The exclusive right to publicly display;
  • Exclusive right of making available to the public
and Your rights in any way are violated by the use of this site, we ask You to immediately report to the complaint service using the letter (electronically) given below.

Your message will be considered necessarily; You will receive a message about the results of action concerning the alleged violation of exclusive rights. When we receive Your message with correctly and completely filled data it will be given high priority and acknowledgment of receipt of the letter will be sent to the address of the sender. The complaint will be reviewed within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days.
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1. Product Data:
1.1. Product Name - English or Russian (if there is no the English version).
1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).
1.3. Number assigned to the product according to Primary State Registration Number.
1.4. For legal entity / Franchisor film - and video - Rolling certificate (copy).

2. The data on the right holder:
2.1. Full name of legal entity.
2.2. Post address (in case of discrepancy between the legal and postal address - required the legal address).
2.3. The site owner on the Internet.
2.4. License for the right to work (if the activity is licensed in accordance with the law).
2.5. Contact person of owner (name, position, phone, email).

3. Data of the person that supplies a complaint.
3.1. Full name.
3.2. Job function.
3.3. Phone.
3.4. E-mail.
3.5. A copy of power of attorney to act on Franchisor person (not required if the person making a complaint is the head of the company owner).
3.6. A power of attorney copy from the Legal owner or its representative administration of site for the right to publication of documents copies proving the existence of the rights for the product.

If a complaint is submitted by not a holder, but its representative authorized with an attorney - a legal entity, he must provide a copy of Power of Attorney to the actions of a natural person on behalf of the company, with the authorized attorney Legal owner (it is not required if the person making the complaint – is the head of the company of representative).

4. Claims data.
4.1. Address of website pages that contains data violating the law.
4.2. A complete description of the violation (why the spread of this information is forbidden by a copyright holder).

5. Subscription about the legality of actions (must be filled out by hand and sent in a scanned version). It is required for each complaint.

I am, "Name", acting on behalf of the "Legal name of the owner" acording to "proxy data" indicate that the data given in this treatment are correct, "Name of person" ("holder") - is the holder of exclusive property rights, including :
  • Exclusive right to reproduce;
  • Exclusive right of distribution;
  • Exclusive right to publicly display;
  • Exclusive right of making available to the public.
All the above mentioned rights operate on all the countries in the world, all matters that associated with the payment of compensations to authors of products are regulated by the copyright holder; a copyright holder is not aware of claims of third parties in respect of those rights

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